Our Mission

To persuade people to act, in all aspects of their lives, in concert with social principles that advance Human Happiness, Harmony and Prosperity.

Our Vision

To see people living in vibrant communities in which their cultural norm is to advance their personal interests and values by relying exclusively on persuasion and voluntary relationships. Individuals will also categorically refuse to endorse or empower any agent — personal, social, commercial, or political — to initiate physical force or fraud on their behalf.

Our Message: Social Principles Are Vital

Embracing the Moral Principle of Human Respect is essential because consistently acting in accord with it is vital for human happiness, harmony, and prosperity.

Our philosophy is derived from three axioms…

  1. All human beings, including living organisms have an innate drive toward greater flourishing, happiness, and well-being.
  2. Physical harm to a person always decreases their happiness.
  3. Theft of a person's property always decreases their happiness.

The Challenge: Social Principles Tend to Be Overlooked

Nearly everyone lives their daily life by this principle. But most people don't think about it in the same way fish do not think about how wet they are. When you point out these concepts, the vast majority of individuals instantly recognize these fundamental realities of human nature. However, too many persons are unaware of the ways this principle is disregarded and the negative consequences for the happiness of all people in society.

The Foundation exists to shed light on the myriad ways individuals breach this principle, and how we each can pursue our own happiness and that of others without violating our most valued personal principles.

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